Volkswagen is now one of the best selling car manufacturers in the world. They have some fantastic ranges of vehicles for all types of drivers: for the builder to the domestic godess.

But what has struck me to be so fascinating about Volkswagen are their adverts. They are always able to strike a tone with the consumer. Look at the Darth Vader advert for the Super Bowl. We can all imagine ourselves or remember ourselves playing as a tv character or superhero. This strikes a tone with the whole family and makes you feel a stronger association with the brand.


The Darth Vader advert was great but when I saw the following for their Bluemotion Technology, I saw why volkswagen are a league infront of their competitors.


These kinds of adverts get you excited about a brand but most importantly they make you smile. Even some of the old skool ads that volkswagen made do the same.

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Filip Ljubicic